Beautiful Apartments

Welcome to Beautiful Apartments, corporate rental apartments in Stockholm, Södertälje and Malmö.

We offer our corporate clients a selection from our portfolio of 450 fully furnished and serviced apartments in Stockholm, Södertalje and Malmö.

Sweden is known for its’ exceptional work-life balance, not just when it comes to parental leave and healthcare, but also evident in the natural beauty of the country and high quality accommodation.
With numerous international companies now expanding more towards Sweden, often providing their employees with excellent benefits and work satisfaction, the demand for housing continues to grow, which is where Beautiful Apartments comes into the picture.

We collaborate with companies worldwide to secure accommodation for their employees.
Each apartment has been styled and furnished by our interior designer to provide our clients with a warm and homely welcome as they take their initial step towards their new venture!

Once our clients have settled in to their new apartment, they have full contact with our Guest Service department for any queries or requests during their stay. These are just a few brief points of why many employees choose to secure their first accommodation with our company upon their relocation to Sweden!

Get in touch with our BA team for quotes, photos and more!